Blancier Desert Wolf for US forces

Blancier developed a quite special Military Chronograph watch. This chronograph, designed in support of US troops, is an original and sturdy yet affordable military watch with the code name ‘Desert Wolf’.


Willem Kamerman, the Dutch founder of Blancier and creator of this military watch, says, “I wanted to design something special for the men and women who are deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan under ISAF, because they deserve our support and respect.”

The image on Desert Wolf watch dial is of the mountainous region in that area, done in a camouflage style. Coordinates are printed between the number 12 and the center point. This chronograph, intended to show support for US troops, is an original and sturdy military watch that makes a perfect watch for soldiers – and supporters – at home or in country.

Blancier greatly admires the The Fisher House program. That’s why Blancier is supporting the activities of this organization with a donation of $ 10.00 for every Desert Wolf Chronograph ordered. Learn more about this program through:

For more information and direct ordering of the Blancier Desert Wolf Chronograph ($ 395.00) please visit


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