For sale: Julien Coudray – € 15.000.000,=

It’s not very common, as far as I know, to openly offer a high end watch brand for sale. So I was amazed by an advertisement at a Dutch website.


Well, in fact it’s not just the brand Julien Coudray which is offered for sale for ‘more than € 5M’ at the website, it’s the watchmaking atelier behind it. This atelier is said, in the advertisement, to employ between 100 and 500 workers, and at a surface of between 1.000 to 10.000 m2. So I think my indication of € 15M in the header will be a far too low guess.

As confirmed by SGS (worlds largest inspecting institute the atelier is capable of all 46 ‘metiers’ necessary to develop and produce a complex time piece; something which can be equaled only by very few others. Further this watch making atelier is said to be the only one capable of producing watch movements in platinum.

Besides producing watches for it’s own brand Julien Coudray, the company produces parts (and probably finished watches) for high-end and well known brands throughout the watch industry. Last years total turnover of the company was € 5.000.000,= with a profit before taxes of € 1.000.000,=.

All the above information was found in Dutch in the advertisement at Meanwhile, only a few hours after publishing this posting, the advertisement was removed. Probably the company has been sold ;-) or there were other reasons to remove it…


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