Special Harry Winston OPUS website by Watchonista

Thursday March 8th 2012, during the opening day of this years Baselworld fair, Harry Winston unveiled the OPUS 12.

Harry Winston OPUS 12

In order to inform you which models and developments were on the road to this new model, Watchonista published a beautiful website totally dedicated to the Harry Winston Opus series.

All models from the OPUS 1 to the coming OPUS 12 are presented, as well as all watchmakers who worked on the different projects. There are beautiful pictures, video’s and back ground stories to discover.

A must read in my opinion; here’s the link: www.watchonista.com/harry-winston/opus


One Response to Special Harry Winston OPUS website by Watchonista

  1. Jack on March 4, 2012 at 03:12

    As an Opus Series lover this is exciting news!
    To see the watches presented with all the extra information is wonderful – and these watches deserve more coverage, in my opinion :)