Horloges & Espresso watch GTG

Once in a while, with a few friends we organize an informal Sunday watch-get-together. Yesterday we met at the terrace of Luden in The Hague with again some interesting watches attending the show.

(C) Robert-jan Broer

The nice thing about the gatherings is that most of the members of the GTG have a very divers taste and ditto watch collection. It might be that the same person brings a high-end Patek Philippe and at the same time sports a G-Shock.

All watches gain the same respect, and they all have their own benefits of course. This weeks GTG brought in some nice Omega Speedmasters, Seamasters, a Rolex Datejust, a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph and a whole collection of vintage Seiko’s.

Except for watches there’s always room for talks drifting to other common fields of interest as well; this time that was analogue mechanical slr camera’s of the seventies/eighties.

mesuper(first picture taken by Robert-Jan Broer, the others by Bas van Dorp)

Looking forward to the next Horloges & Espresso GTG!

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