ochs & junior breakfast event

Beat Weinmann of ochs & junior (they don’t want to use capitals in their brand name) treated the Dutch watch aficionado’s on an informative and tasteful breakfast event, at Villa Augustus in Dordrecht.

ochs & junior

The watches of ochs & junior, the communication, the whole concept (I hate that word) are a very fresh and inspiring way to look at haute horlogerie. Where others seek complexity, Ludwig Oechslin – the inventor behind the ochs & junior movements – thinks up ingeniously simple solutions. Watches for people who live in the here and now.

tinta selene

Down to earth, very close to the people, very much attention for the feeling one gets from the products – more than expensive and exclusive image. It’s difficult to describe, one has to experience the watches and the brand.

And the breakfast event was an excellent way to do that; you need personal contact with others to get it right. Looking in a shop window or looking at pictures of the watches, even just trying one on, just doesn’t do it. You will have a wrong impression and you won’t be able to judge the watches and the brand right.

ochs & junior table

A quick shot photo report on the event can be found here (use ‘Prev’ and ‘Next’ to navigate through the pictures): ochs & junior breakfast event pictures

And you’ll find more information on ochs & junior through the following links:
ochs & junior website: www.ochsundjunior.ch
ochs & junior Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ochsundjunior


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