Oliver Ike’s A. Manzoni & Fils project on Kickstarter

At the time of writing it’s only 47 hours until the end of Oliver Ike’s A. Manzoni & Fils, Canopus Weekplanner Kickstarter project.

Canopus Weekplanner

So far 49 people joined the project, totaling almost $ 176.000,=. The project will only be funded (by Kickstarter) if at least $ 500.000,= is pledged by Saturday October 26th, 22:00 hour GMT.

Take the last change to join this interesting, and first Kickstarter project in the luxury industry; visit and pledge through: www.amanzoni.com/kickstarter

UPDATE: The funding reached $ 186.050,= with 54 participants. So this project reached the deadline without achieving its funding goal of $ 500.000,= and won’t be funded by Kickstarter. However Oliver Ike informed us a few days ago already “the watch will be produced anyway as plenty of investors approached us during the campaign”. We’re happy to hear that!


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