Patek Philippe announces new balance

Patek Philippe’s Advanced Research division has announced a new type of silicium balance which is not a wheel anymore.


The name of this balance is GyromaxSi, and it will be combined with the earlier developed Pulsomax escapement and Spiromax balance spring. These three – for a mechanical movement highly important – components together will be indicated by Patek as Oscillomax.

The GyromaxSi balance still uses the four regulating screws as found on the original Gyromax balance wheel. The GyromaxSi though is more or less a silicium plate bearing two 24 carat golden weights to generate the mass.

Patek cal 240QSi

The first Patek Philippe watch which will house the Oscilimax is a limited to 300 pieces perpetual calendar model, the 5550P, with caliber 240QSi. The dial of the 5550P will be marked ‘Advanced Research’.

Patek 5550P


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