Rolex Explo-Master II

A befriended collector owes both, a GMT-Master II and an Explorer II with white dial. He mentioned that he prefers the white dial of the Explorer-II however found the Pepsi bezel of his GMT-Master II quite useful.

Rolex Eplo-Master II

Therefor he had a Rolex specialized watchmaker over here in The Netherlands change the movements, complete with dial and hands.

While owning both watches, this was the most versatile solution. Of course he could have just changed the bezels (as both watch casings are equal, or just change the dials, however those interventions would have been more, and more delicate work.

Some people like it, and some don’t. And some people say it looks like a Seiko; however I couldn’t find any official Seiko Diver model using a red and blue bezel in combination with a white dial… ;-)


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