Sinn 358.Sa.Flieger (Pilot)

Sinn has introduced a 3,5 mm larger version of their very popular 356.Pilot model.

Sinn 358.Pilot

Although I’m not a big fan of large watches, this bit of growing just does this pilot’s watch very well. The diameter/thickness ratio just feels better, and with the new 42 mm diameter it fits extremely well as a professional, classic sporty, chronograph on any moderate size of wrist.


Last July when I received the press information I already wrote about this new model, and all information on available models, including all technical information can be found here: New! Sinn 358.Flieger


The model which I have for sale now is the 358.Sa.Flieger. It has a satinized stainless steel casing, and sapphire crystal glass in front which is anti-reflective on both sides. Further it sports a transparent case back made of sapphire crystal glass as well, which is anti-reflective on the inside. This model is Argon gas filled and has Sinn’s dehumidifying technology.

The price for this watch is € 2.030,= (plus S&I).

A picture gallery of the actual watch can be found here: Sinn 358.Sa.Flieger


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