The Sinn that doesn’t seem to exist, the 656.L

During my visit to Sinn at the last Basel fair I had the change to have a sneak at a prototype of the Sinn 656 with, what on first sight looked, a cream dial.

Sinn, 656.L

I was immediately in love with the watch, something which I have to admit doesn’t happen too often anymore. And certainly not with a watch which by far doesn’t exceed the € 1.000,= level.


Snap, that’s mine! “No no no, not that quick. It’s only just an idea, probably we’ll produce it, probably we don’t. Depends on the feedback here at the fair and a few other things.” was the reaction of Sinn. The dial, with a color as cream as the Explorer-II cream dial, turned out to be a so called lume dial. And that was where Sinn has had some requests for in the past.

lume dial

So I ordered two of these watches, just in case Sinn should decide to produce them. I hadn’t thought about the watch for some time now, and yesterday I was happily surprised to find the two of them in a shipment from Frankfurt. The paperwork indicates that the model name is 656.L and the nice thing is that there were only 300 of these watches produced.

one of three hundred

I just had a call with someone from the sales staff in Frankfurt, and according to her the 300 watches were sold in a wink of the eye. Probably to insiders only because it isn’t in the printed Sinn catalog nor has it appeared (and will not appear) at the Sinn website at all. The Sinn 656.L doesn’t seem to exist; nevertheless here it is on my wrist ;-)

#womw Sinn 656.L


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