Sinn EZM.2 with a critical low oil level

The ancestor of the current Sinn UX.GSG9 was the Sinn 403.Hydro in EZM.2 execution. This watch was fully oil filled as well, to be absolutely free from fogging, pressure-resistant at any accessible diving depth and perfect readability from any angle under water.

Sinn EZM.2

As a automatic/mechanical movement won’t work fully drowned in oil, Sinn developed a special quartz movement for this model to be equipped with.

Quartz watches need new batteries though, something which you should not have carried out by you local department store. And if you do, the results can be seen by the picture here above.

Read more about Sinn HYDRO technology through the following link: Sinn HYDRO technology


One Response to Sinn EZM.2 with a critical low oil level

  1. Noodlefish on April 30, 2011 at 10:14

    There was something about those EZM2 watches. Although the lume on the dial was never intended to discolour, it does lend a certain warmth to the dial. I wonder whether these will be seen in the future like some of the discoloured / imperfect R*lex dials? Somehow, I doubt it…