Swatch Group 2012 gross sales

Incredible! The Swatch Group gross sales hit CHF 8.143 million in 2012. That’s a billion Swiss francs (+14%) more than the previous year!


I really wonder what they are going to do with all that money. I bet they’re going to invest it in even more sales and production, so that they can grow further and make even more profit. Which then they are probably going to invest in… well… ;-)

For your reference; the Watches & Jewelry segment gross 2012 sales increase was +15.6%. Double-digit growth rates for almost all brands, notably outside Greater China as well. Swatch Group employs more than 28.000 persons in over 50 countries. Gross sales in 2011 amounted to 7.143 billion Swiss francs with a net profit to 1.276 billion Swiss francs.

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