THE Sinn toolwatch, the U1 – ref. 1010.010

Even the reference number of this Sinn U1 breaths something of simplicity. Some things are at it’s best if nothing can’t be taken away any more, this watch is one of them.

Sinn U1

The Sinn U1 diving watch is a real tool watch. It’s heavy, it’s thick (with the right ratio to it’s diameter) and it’s tough; 1.000 meters waterproof or 100 bar of pressure, certified by the Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg.

Sinn U1 back

For extra salt-water resistance the watch was made out of the same steel as the German submarines, and in order not to damage the watch too easy it’s bezel is extremely hardened (by Sinn’s tegiment technology).

Sinn U1 front

I’ve never seen anything as readable as this. It’s LEGO-style hands are visible form ‘miles and miles’ away and under any condition. The nice thing about them is that they have a little thin point on the top, so enabling you to read the time even quite accurately if you would.

Sinn U1 bracelet

The solid stainless steel bracelet on this version is exactly in pace with the rest of the watch, and is nicely hold together with Allan bolts. The Sinn U1 is available as well with a black or red silicone rubber strap with a watch-matching heavy folding buckle.

Ex Sinn factory Frankfurt price for the watch as pictured is € 1.505,= (plus € 50,= S&I). Extensive technical details as well as information on sizes and so on, can be found at the Sinn website: Sinn U1

All high-res pictures of the actual watch in this article can be found at: Sinn U1 gallery


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