Une soirée avec… Louis Moinet

Very much like Frank Geelen and myself are organizing ‘An evening with…‘ diner events for watch aficionado’s in The Netherlands, Thierry Gasquez of Passion Horlogere does so for watch aficionado’s in France. Last night Thierry invited me to join an event in Paris with Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO of Louis Moinet.

Louis Moinet, Jules Verne

Before I go any further I want to apologize for the very poor quality of the pictures in this posting. Because of the fairly short notice of the event for me, I couldn’t rely on public transport anymore and so took my motorcycle to travel the 500 km’s to Paris. Unfortunately therefore I wasn’t able to bring a decent camera.

Anyhow, after a pleasant meet and greet including good champagne and nice finger food, an interesting introduction on the history of Louis Moinet (who was a contemporary of, and worked with Breguet) was presented by CEO Jean-Marie Schaller. The presentation went on with an overview of the current collection of watches, and which philosophies are behind the different models.

Jean-Marie Schaller

What struck me most was the combination, let’s even say synergy, of the extremely high-mech constructions and use of very very rare and exclusive materials like different types of meteorites (moon, mars, mercury, etc.) and for instance fossilized palm wood and dinosaur bones.

Just to have a quick feeling, have a look at the following video of the Louis Moinet Tempograph (which I shot withe the same mediocre Canon D10):

The subsequent dinner was excellent as well, and then of course the real watches came to the table for anyone to judge and try on. A special thank you to the French Louis Moinet agent Allan Casale who was my table neighbor and tirelessly answered all thinkable (and unthinkable) questions about this ‘out of this world’ watches during the evening.

Louis Moinet dinner

– A few of my low-quality pictures of the evening can be seen here: Louis Moinet Passion Horlogere event
– A much better picture gallery from Jaques Ribeiro can be found here Louis Moinet Passion Horlogere gallery
– Thierry Gasquez can be found on Facebook here: Thierry GMT
– His website van be found through: www.passion-horlogere.com
– And of course all the information on Louis Moinet can be accessed through: www.louismoinet.com



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