What a difference a glass makes…

In the regular execution of all 42 mm models of the Archimede Pilot series a non-anti-reflective flat sapphire crystal is used.


However, upon my request, Archimede produced a special version of the Pilot H with a domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

This resulted in quite an extreme price increase for such a watch (€ 395,= to € 545,= i.e. € 150,=) however makes an enormous change in the way the watch looks and you look at the watch. It gets a totally different feel.

Although it’s very hard to catch in pictures I did a picture report of the difference; you’ll find it here (please use ‘Next ->’ on top of the page to see the next picture): Archimede Pilot H special


One Response to What a difference a glass makes…

  1. Mark Carson on July 9, 2012 at 23:23

    I guess that your special order is a “one-off” item. Which may explain the price increase if they had to locate a domed crystal of the right size (diameter and thickness). If they had this as a regualr production item, the increased cost (to them, not to the customer) is less than 10 euros (much less actually).

    It does make a difference visually and I’ll bet it gives the watch a different (nicer) feel when you handle the case also. Kudos to Archimede for responding to your special request.