#womw Rolex, GMT-Master IIc

Today I’m wearing a Rolex GMT-Master IIc. It probably was one of the first available GMT-IIc models, a 2007.

Rolex GMT-Master IIc

I’m really trying hard to like this watch. I’m not the kind of person who wants to like a watch on first sight only, I like giving watches some time and effort. And if I start liking it only after a while, it mostly turns out to be a keeper.

But with this watch I have a hard time. Even after a few days I still like my ‘old’ GMT-Master II with a Pepsi bezel much more. It’s not only about the colors, however the size and shape of the casing, the shiny parts of the bracelet and the shiny almost indefinable color of the ceramic bezel just don’t smile to me.

When I look at the picture it’s a beautiful watch; it’s even better on the picture then I experience it in real life ;-) By the way, this picture was taken with a Canon D10; can you believe that?


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